Essential guidelines on hard floor camper maintenance

A soft spot is one of the issues that camper owners dread the most. The presence of a soft spot on a hard floor camper means that there is a leaking roof, or that the camper has plumbing problems. The kitchen and bathroom areas of hard floor campers are normally the most vulnerable to development of soft spots. Proper maintenance is one of the best ways of avoiding these soft spots. However, if your floor has already developed these spots, it is best to follow the following repair process.

Assessing the damage

What might seem like a small spot on your floor could be hiding layers and layers of water damage. Instead of doing a quick fix to cover the part of the hard floor which seems to be rotting or otherwise affected by the damage, it would be best to take time or hire a professional to assess the entire floor to your camper and see whether it has been compromised by water. Note that particle board flooring is very vulnerable and easily falls apart when exposed to water.

Removing the bad flooring

The process of removing the floor will involve having to get some structures which sit on it out of the camper. If there are tables, kitchen stands and others on the floor, it will be best to remove them first. When all the heavy equipment has been removed, it will be easy to work on the floor. When doing the removal, you need to take care not to dent the vehicles body that lies beneath the wood.

Figuring out the source of the damage

Before you replace the bad floor, it is very important to figure out the cause of the damage to the floor. In case the floor has been damaged because of a leaking pipe, you have to repair or replace the pipe before you put up a new floor. If the roof of the camper is leaking, mend it before replacing the floor. This will protect the new floor from suffering similar damage.

After these steps have been followed, you can call in a professional to recommend a suitable replacement material, and install it for you. It is also important to check for signs of mould and mildew growth after discovering a soft spot. If a mould problem is covered up with a new floor, it will keep festering and might completely destroy your camper. Only professionals in camper maintenance and repair can competently handle the repair and maintenance process. Contact companies like Austrack Campers for more information.