3 Must-Have Pieces of Equipment for the First-Time Camper

Summer is not too far away, which means now is the perfect time to start gathering camping supplies so you can head away with the family during the end-of-year school holidays. As someone who has never been camping before, you want to write a list of the must-have camping items. Your camping experience can be anything between basic roughing it to 5-star glamping, but these three basics are the things you should purchase before going bush this year.

1. Tent

This is the number one must-have for a camping trip, and looking at the different tents available can easily take care of an afternoon of your time. Do some online research on the website of your local camping equipment store before you head down there. Before buying a tent, you should decide:

  • how many people it needs to sleep
  • how many rooms you want it to have
  • if it's easy to install
  • where you'll be using it.

Once you have the answer to these four questions, you can narrow down the tent you want to look at when you go into the camping store. Make sure you check the weatherproofing of any tent you're interested in as you don't want to get caught short if a summer storm arrives while you're on holiday.

2. Lighting

There is something rustic and comforting about sitting around a campfire at night after the tent has been erected, but you can't carry a campfire with you while taking the kids to the toilet. Therefore, you are going to need some form of lighting. Liquid fuel lanterns are old-school camping lighting, but some adults don't like them because of the fear of the kids knocking them over and causing a fire. If you are this type of adult, then consider an LED bulb lamp. These run on disposable or rechargeable batteries and are perfectly safe for the camping trip.

3. Toilet

Speaking of toilets, not all campgrounds have toilet facilities, so you need to decide how your family will cope with a lack of porcelain throne. Some children are quite happy to squat and do their business in the bushes, but other children are not so open to this idea. If your children are in the latter category, then consider buying a simple bush toilet for them. The most basic option is a folding metal frame with a toilet seat which clips onto it. A disposable bag is placed under the seat to collect the human waste. This can then be sealed and disposed of at a later time.

These are just three of the basic items you need to go camping. Talk to your local camping store to find out more about these and others pieces of camping equipment.