Essential guidelines on hard floor camper maintenance

A soft spot is one of the issues that camper owners dread the most. The presence of a soft spot on a hard floor camper means that there is a leaking roof, or that the camper has plumbing problems. The kitchen and bathroom areas of hard floor campers are normally the most vulnerable to development of soft spots. Proper maintenance is one of the best ways of avoiding these soft spots. Read More 

What To Look Out For When Choosing A Winter Caravan Cover

Most caravan owners know the importance of protecting their investment from the elements as much as possible. While the gel-coated fibreglass shell of a caravan is robust and weatherproof, it can be degraded over time by a number of things nature likes to throw at it, ranging from bright sunlight to tree sap. Needless to say, keeping your caravan under a protective winter cover in the off-season is a great precaution to take and may significantly extend the usable life of your caravan. Read More