3 Must-Have Pieces of Equipment for the First-Time Camper

Summer is not too far away, which means now is the perfect time to start gathering camping supplies so you can head away with the family during the end-of-year school holidays. As someone who has never been camping before, you want to write a list of the must-have camping items. Your camping experience can be anything between basic roughing it to 5-star glamping, but these three basics are the things you should purchase before going bush this year. Read More 

Essential guidelines on hard floor camper maintenance

A soft spot is one of the issues that camper owners dread the most. The presence of a soft spot on a hard floor camper means that there is a leaking roof, or that the camper has plumbing problems. The kitchen and bathroom areas of hard floor campers are normally the most vulnerable to development of soft spots. Proper maintenance is one of the best ways of avoiding these soft spots. Read More